Sports Consulting

Flow is at the Core of All Sports Success! Flowstate is Trainable! Unlock your best Game!


Every sport has their own particular movements and special considerations that go into training and execution. The one common thread among all sports is the use of the Body and the Brain and Success depends on tapping your inner potential for Flow.  Through applying a subset of innovative training modalities, Neo Flow can help you develop a deep connection with your body, heighten reflex and train for creativity.  By moving through full ranges of motion in every plane we develop more succinct coordination activating quadrupedal awareness as we build total body endurance, stability, mobility and strength. Emphasizing the power of communication between joints and limbs in a total body Flowstate training. Creating a depth of intuitive awareness and reflex capabilities demonstrated by the savants of sport. Practice consistently, and you’ll soon find yourself moving more efficiently and powerfully both in and out of your sport.